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Day 5 (08-06-2010): Next moring it was also raining heavily. Although we take the decision to go up to Gunji. Taking Roti (hand made bread) and in the breakfast we started for our today's destination at 9.30 a.m. Some ahead again a SSB check post is here. Afterwards you will find only ITBP check post. Distance between Garbiyang and Gunji is 10 k.m. approx. Al along the way is simple and moderate. We reached Gunji at 2.00 

p.m. after taking some tea at Suti. A semi permanent tea stall is here at Suti. Only the shop owner and his family live here at Suti. No other house you will find in Suti. Gunji is a well known village for its geographical importance. It is the junction of way to Adi Kailash and way to Om Parvat and Manas Kailash.  Here a branch of State Bank of India is situated. Helipad and a site office of Border Roads Organization, ITBP camp and lots of Govt. exercise is done from Gunji. Natural beauty starts here. Gunji is surrounded by lots of white peaks. We stayed at the Panchayat Bhawan. Bhim Singh, the care taker has a fooding hotel. He arranged dinner for us. His  luscious recipe is memorable to us. Satellite phone is attached to the Panchayat Bhawan. We did phone call to our houses. Do not foget to walk 1 k.m and register yourself at

Day 6 (09-06-2010):In the morning taking some break fast from Bhim Shing's shop we started for Kutti at 8.00 a.m. B.R.O. was working in that route. As information we have received from them, a motorable road would be ready to use upto Joilinkong within next 10 yrs. We have to go keeping the river Kutti along our left side all the way. An alternative route also is there, crossing the river Kutti at Nabhi. Nabhi is 2 k.m. from Gunji. At Nampha we did take our Lunch at the only semi parmanent food shop. At the trekking season time the shop is set. It was then 4.00 p.m. when we reached Kutti, a village of dream. The beauty Kutti village can not be described in words. It is like a heaven I feel. We take the guestship of Kunwar Singh Kuttiyal. A typical Tibbetian culuture you will find here. All are called Kuttiyal here. In Gunji all Gunji men are called Gunjiyal. A typical way to keep and continue the local village culture. An I.T.B.P. camp is here in Kutti. Satellite phone call is available from the camp. Charges apply.

Day 7 (10-06-2010): Also today we are late. After necessary registration we left Kutti at 8.00 a.m. Distance between Kutti and Gunji is about 14  k.m. No food stall is on the way you will find. Keep dry food for the day. You will find beauty all along the way. So many strawberry plants you will  find.Lots of small glaciers are there you have to cross. There is a bridge in the Kutti River. Which is get damaged every year during winter. The bridge is reconstructed by the I.T.B.P. in between the last week of May and first week of June. If the bridge is not ready for use, the S.D.M.,  Dharchula does not give permission for Adi Kailash  (Joilingkong). Without the inner line permit you are not able to trek in those restricted area. However the way some where was steep and tough though we reached Joilinkong at 3.00 p.m. If you do not have permission to cross Sinlapassthe innerline permit will be kept here by the I.T.B.P. camp personnel. The I.T.B.P. camp is situated before the K.M.V.N. camp ground. Mt. Adi Kailash (Old residence of Lord Shiva, as per Hindu mythology) is clearly seen from the K.M.V.N. camp ground. Generally the S.D.M gives permission to cross Sinlaa after I.T.B.P. crosses it after winter season is over. It can be opted during July and August.

In Joilingkong you have to completely depend on K.MV.N. set up. If you do not have tent with you. Message of your journey conveys from Kutti I.T.B.P. camp to Joilingkong I.T.B.P. camp. And the arrangement of fooding and lodging also you will find ready. Obviously you have to pay for that. But the price is lesser I think, compared to their effort. As trekkers go there the fooding staffs come up from down. And when there is  no trekker in Joilingkong the staffs also comes down at Kutti. There is no village at Joilingkong. K.M.V.N.'s igloo shaped fibre hut is fine for the night stay. Snow fall is an ordinery occurance in Joilingkong during afternoon. We had taken a survey of next day's journey to Gouri Kund and Parvati Kund. As snow falling starts we came back to hut.

Day 8 (11-06-2010): Today we started early at 5.00 a.m. as we have to go back to Kutti after seeing (Darshan) Parvati Kund and Gouri Kund. The great place. The way to Parvati Kund (Parvati Lake) was totally covered by the snow that was fallen at night. Refection of Mt. Adi Kailash falls in the Parvati Kund. The lake is full of clear water. We have seen a Brahma Hansa (A kind of bird) in the kund. After some worship at the temple of Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva) we got the way back and forwarded to the way of Sinla pass to see Gouri Kund from the up. We could also go by the down approching road. But our most enthusiastic and most elder team member Sri Ranajit Ghosh inspired us to go up. By following his suggestion we did found the Sinla Pass from close and saw the Gouri Kund. Came back to camp ground at 10.00 a,m. and started for Kutti at  11.00 a.m. Do not forget to collect your innerline permit from the Joilingkong I.T.B.P. camp.

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