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Day 9 (12-06-2010): Back to Gunji.

Day 10 (13-06-2010):I and Avida started early at 5.00 a.m.for Om Parvat taking a knap sack, rain sheet and some dry food. We have to return to Gunji today. Total 34 k.m. we have to cover today. Other members were gone down to return as Anatnu da got an injury in his ligament. Up to Kalapani the way is motorable. Actually the Kalapani ITBP camp is on the left bank of Kali river. You have to cross the river here in Kalapani. A temple of Goddess Kali is situated here. A small shower came out from behind the temple and created a holy kund. The shower then connects it to the main Kali river. After necessary checking we took some food (Dal and Rice) and forwarded towards Nabhidhang. Again you have to cross a bridge upon the river of Kali. The way is now moderate. Nabhidhang is the place from where you can see the Om Parvat. Finnaly we reached Nabhidhang at 11.30 a.m. What a beauty! What a creature, God have made. Om (ॐ) which is the sign of endless space, absolute cosmos, absolute truth, and the word to reach to the creator within itself as per Hindu tradition, is now clearly visible to us. I could not imagine that if it is possible to size a mountain in shape of Aum (ॐ). Only only only God can do this.After enjoying some heavenly feelings, we started our return journey and reached Gunji at 5.30 p.m. Other members of our team may have had reached to Buddi as per journey schedule.

Day 11 (14-06-2010): Today I and Avi da take the decision to not to stay at Buddi and trek up to Malpa and make some fun with the other team members. As they will trek up to Malpa for the day. Starting our journey from Gunji at 7.00 a.m. we had reached Malpa at 4.30 p.m. We took our lunch at Buddi. Reaching Malpa we searched for our other members and found them in the same P.W.D bungalow. It was a really enjoyable situation as there was no chance to see them before Dharchula. Our little effort was made the situation enjoyable. Thanks to God Baba Adi Kailash (Chhota Kailash) and Aum!!!!!!!!!......

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