Roopkund (Rupkund)-- a dream trek       --- Tapas De

                                                  Latitude:          30.262°N        Elevation:       16,499 ft  (5,029 metres)  

                                                  Longitude:   79.732°                                       

                                                   District:           Chamoli

                                                   State:               Uttarakhand

                                                   Country:         India.



Trishul range Rupkund trekking photo



Roopkund (Rupkund)Trail- a dream for trekkers. If you haven’t yet gone for it, start planning for it. It is one of the must to do.  Roopkund (Rupkund)  is located at the base of Nanda Devi cult. The most surprising and attractive matter of this adventure is the skeletons. In 1942 Mr. H. K. Madhwal discovered the skeletons. Till now it is a topic of tea-cup discussion that what the cause behind this massacar was. It is believed that the people were from the 13th century to the 15th century. Radiocarbon dating, done by OURAU, determined the time period to be vaguely 850 AD.  

We came to Wan village (8550 ft) by a van. On the way at Lohajung (8,300 ft & 87 km) we purchased some foods, kerosene etc. Monster Lohasur was killed by devi Parvati here. Neel Ganga , a river we crossed on the way. The river meets the Kail river and then Pindar river at Debal village. Hrishikesh ~ Debprayag~ Sreenagar ~ Rudraprayag ~ Karnaprayag ~ Tharali ~ Debal ~Mandoli ~ Loharjong ~ Wan-- this route is very beautiful. 

Rupkund trekking photo, UttarakhandDay-1: From Wan village we have started, after the worship of Latu Maharaj. It is the tradition. Leisurely walked to Bedni Bugyal. It is a good trail to flex our hamstrings before the long journey. At Geruri patal we took rest. Seeing the Trishul peak we decided to stay there.

Day-2: We enjoyed our walk and the scenery of the forest. At last we reached Bedini Bugyal(12,572ft). beautiful valley. Two small temples of Devi Parvati are there. A pair of kharams of Bedbyash are also kept there .

Day-3: Early morning we started for Pathar nachuni(5 km). Peculiar stones are guarding the place since a long time. It made sense to break the day's journey there and we pitched our tent. At 1pm snow-fall started. Our leader decided to start for Roopkund (Rupkund) at mid night.

Day-4: Sharp at 2 o’clock we came out from the tent with all hot garments, head lamp, water bottle and other emergency equepments. Swig a little water, tighten our straps and we are ready for the climb to Kailu Vinayak(14500 ft). We Climbed this section very slowly. A slip can result in a bad fall. Below there is the meadows of Ghora Lotani (12,500 ft), the last stop for the horses. This is a crucial height where we feel the thinness of air. For the first time we feel the effects of altitude. We took 5 minute breaks every 15 minutes. We got breathless very soon and sometimes even felt dizzy. Kalu Vinayak, the black Ganesh idol enclosed in a stone shrine. We offered a prayer for a safe journey. We took rest. For the acclimatization we stretched our journey to 2½ hrs, even if we could quicker.We reached Baguabasa(14500 ft). it was extremely cold (-4°C), windy too. 

I think it’s a part of heaven. Mesmerizing scene. All along our journey we listened the whistles of Rupkund trekking photo, Uttarakhandthe wind.So many peaks are standing with their pride. Trishul, Nandaghunti, Neelkantha, Choukhamba, Hathi parvat, Bandar ki puchh and others show there gorgeous presence. During the sunrise they look as if molten gold is poured on them. Next stop is Hunia Thar,(2 km), Chirianag (1 km) and Roopkund (Rupkund) (2 km). The sooner, the better. We need to reach Roopkund (Rupkund) while the snow is still hard, but snow became soft and feet started sinking in. There is the  Roopkund (Rupkund) (Rupkund) . Unexplainable. Unbelievable. Speech holding. Beauty------Beauty  &-------Beauty.

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